VIDEO + Animation

Below is a selection of a few of the awesome productions I’ve recently been blessed to have been a part of:


Jeevo – “Dreaming In Color” Music Video 2015 (director, animator, compositor, editor)

[This project was a lot of fun. Working with Jeevo again we really wanted this video to POP. Pushing the boundaries of what we’ve previously done. Shooting on the Black Magic Cinema Camera, and experimenting with a host of colorful motion graphic pieces… this video paved the way for the D.I.C.E. event that proceeded it in Spring 2016.]


Crenshaw Christian Center 40 year anniversary animation 2013 (illustrator, animator, director)

[Now this project was a lot of fun. Initially it was a project that I pitched to the church. Knowing the 40th Anniversary was coming up I wanted to do something special and truly memorable for the institution, and for the Pastors. Early on it felt like kind of a long shot, but as it really started to take shape, people began to see the value in it, and was most definitely a collaborative effort to bring it all to fruition.]


Jeevo – “Champagne Problems” 2013 (director, compositor, editor)

[An overall great project, but littered with more than it’s fair share of bumps in the road. Having multiple day shoots, and locations, having to direct a cast of talent and crew, working with new equipment (having to learn steady cams, glide tracks, shooting at different film rates, and the like), as well as camera malfunctions on the day of the shoot, and critical render glitches in the 11th hour… it’s a miracle that this video was ever completed! But despite all the heartache, I think it turned out pretty good, and I’m definitely a better more capable artist as a result.]


My Broken Palace – “Letter to Emily” from 2012 (director):

[Done as really a favor for a non-profit that did great work and that we all were big supporters. As with most non-profits there wasn’t much to speak of in terms of a budget, just a powerful song by The Smoking Popes, and the idea that we wanted to truly help and send a message of health and healing to at risk and suicidal youth.]


Ahmad – “Get Some Money & Go 2 Jail” 2011 (co-director, animator, compositor)

[Another really fun project with Ahmad. The last video produced by Sumasian. Collaborating with my (then) business partner, time Nic Cowan, we came up with this really unique concept that we thought was absolutely visually compelling mixing different eras and aesthetics to the comical yet poignant message in Ahmad’s lyrics.]


4th Avenue Jones – Stereo 2005 (co-director, animator, editor, compositor):

[Another Sumasian production. Our first time shooting live-action, and using a green screen (obviously). But all things considered, I think we pulled off something really original, truly authentic, and definitely a building block for some of the visual journeys I would venture onto years later.]


Suburban legends – Up All Night 2003 (co-director, animator, editor, compositor):

[My very first music video. I partnered up with a fellow classmate (Nic Cowan) to form a production company (later dubbed Sumasian) to create this epic PRO-BONO animation adventure for the local OC SKA band Suburban Legends. Having not only been big fans of their music (and SKA in general), we also had become close with the band, manager, and friends. So when the opportunity to produce the video came around we jumped at it. Inspired by the first Gorillaz promo video (which combined graphic illustrated characters animated against photo realistic backgrounds) and a pretty creative concept, we were well on our way… what ensued was weeks of late night sessions, 2am taco bell runs, half delusional and loopy couch brainstorm meetings, running with fireworks in the streets of LA and OC, all-night final renders (at thebutt-crack-of-dawn), and much much more. The manager and band were blown away with what we could accomplish (on no budget, with no resources, just the two of us learning on the fly)… and so were we.]


Revelations – Animated Trailer 2011 for my graphic novel series (original artwork, story concept, director, compositor, editor):

[The Red R / Revelations project will ALWAYS be near and dear to my heart. This project was thrown together in about a 2-3 week period leading up to Comic-Con in 2011. I already had a series of books for my Graphic Novel “Revelations: The Prophets”, but the property was much more than that (initially meant to be an animated feature, but the book became that bridge between the two). So the idea with this trailer was to show the people at the Con what the “more than just a graphic novel” aspect of the story looked like… just a tease. Since time was short, I had a lot to do in a short amount of time. So, to fill in some of the gaps of all the work I was already producing on it, I implored the talents of some of my closest friends who all happened to be amazingly talented artists in their own right (Kytia L’amour, Daniel Quinones, Nic Cowan, Kate Earl… to name but a few). and I believe we all came together to make something special.]




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