“We’ve worked with Jerrell for several years for illustration for our apparel line. He is great to work with, professional and on time. We highly recommend him.”

Mike Anderson
Seal Beach, Ca

“We worked with Jerrell for several years on our film “Cheech and Chong’s Animated Movie“. The project was very demanding and we all had to wear several hats throughout the course of the film; from the beginning Jerrell did an amazing job overseeing multiple areas of the production and helping everything to run as smoothly as possible.”

Eric Chambers
Chambers Bros. Ent.
Culver City, Ca

“I received a combination of a portrait, video, motion graphics, concept art, and animation. It was a little bit of everything but a lot of awesome! Is Jerrell professional? Absolutely! Is he both effective and efficient? Indeed he is! However, what stands out the most is his adaptability, and ability to not only complete the task before the due date, but to also creatively add to your request and deliver in the same window of time. I highly recommend him and appreciate his imagination and ingenuity.”

Frederick K. Price
Crenshaw Christian Center
Los Angeles, Ca

“Jerrell Conner recently produced and directed my latest music video entitled “Jump (Champagne Problems).” I have never felt more at ease and comfortable when creating a music video. His team was extremely professional, anticipating needs and paying close attention to every detail. Jerrell is flexible, honest, kind, persevering, and serving. His business ethic and abilities are an obvious extension of his character. He wants the best for his clients, and will stop and nothing to execute excellence. Every person that worked on the video was very struck by how professional and enjoyable the entire process was. Jerrell was able to work with my budget and not compromise artistic integrity despite several barriers that we faced in the editing stages. As an artist, I was thrilled with the final product. I consider Jerrell someone I will work with for a lifetime. I have recommended him to several of my colleagues and friends.”

Los Angeles, CA

“Jerrell’s skill and eye for design, illustration, and detail is that of a master at work. I’ve worked with him on Disney, Marilyn Monroe, etc. His range is wide, he does not just do one style, he conforms to the clients needs and delivers every time. He would be an asset to any company, but above that, a true worker with passion and a heart loyal to the company at hand.”

Daniel Quinones
Los Angeles, Ca
www.poabdesigns.com / www.mloveizm.com

“I sent Jerrell a photo of a needlepoint wall hanging and asked him to transform the needlepoint to a painting…. What he did was to paint a masterpiece. Exactly what I wanted with very little conversation between us. He seemed to feel what I wanted. He added his own touches, like made the edges seem tattered and added like stained areas to make it look like it was a thousand years old. Colored the robes to make everything stand out. Brilliant! !!!!!!!”

Fran Alarie
Sylvan, NY

“Jerrell Conner did portraits for the leaders of our ministry in honor of our 40th year anniversary. Additionally he produced an animated short of the ministry from its humble beginnings throughout the years to current, and a “making of” showing his skilled art process on the portraits. It was a complex project which he handled beautifully!

Photos were provided to him and he recreated the likenesses of our leaders incredibly on the portraits and animated short. The detail in creating the features, clothing and landmarks of the ministry were amazing!

The process was very professional and friendly. Once we met and decided upon the concept he asked all of the pertinent questions and got the photographs he needed in order to do the best possible job, and he went above and beyond.

We were completely satisfied with the final product. It was revealed at our special Anniversary dinner where the attendees were equally excited about all of the work he had done. Afterwards guests were able to take copies of the products home with them if they chose to purchase a copy. Additionally we did a reveal at the ministry where once again the attendees were astounded and excited, they were also able to meet the artist and take a copy home with them.

I would definitely be interested in working with Jerrell again and would most certainly recommend him to others. He is an awesome artist and businessman.”

Stephanie Buchanan
Crenshaw Christian Center
Los Angeles, CA

“I can only provide the highest recommendation and endorsement for Jerrell Conner. I was initially impressed with Jerrell’s unique vision, artistic genius and professional demeanor when I worked with him a few years ago on a project with our film company. For the years Jerrell and I have been professionally acquainted, he has consistently demonstrated all of these qualities and more, and I heartily endorse him.

Jerrell is reliable, dedicated and eternally upbeat. Jerrell has an uncanny ability to simplify complex concepts in ways that allowed my vision to come to life. He consistently met or surpassed all expectations that I have ever had of him.

Of particular value to me as a collaborator is Jerrell’s ability to work with minimal supervision and unwavering commitment to exceeding customer expectations.

I’ve kept up with his successes because of my sincere admiration of his tremendous skill and character.

Jerrell is a hardworking, top-performing artist in the highest sense. He has my highest recommendation, and I am happy to furnish more details. Feel free to contact me.”

David C. Waite
CEO/Executive Producer
Jupiter Film Group, LLC
Granada Hills, CA

“We are thrilled with the quality of Jerrell’s work. The painting he created for us is a stunning masterpiece! He took our concept and captured the essence perfectly – the end result far exceeded any expectations we had. We will certainly enjoy this beautiful piece for many years to come. Jerrell’s professionalism and timeliness were also top-notch. I would be happy to be a reference for any potential customers.”

Shirley Alarie
Sylvan Beach, NY

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