Custom Digital Portraits

Ahmad+Trinity Ahmad+Trinity(a)

Imagine your friend’s surprise when she opens an email and sees her favorite photo of her beautiful dog in art form. Can you picture your father getting misty-eyed as he unwraps a digital portrait of his family for Father’s Day? Digital portraits can be bought as birthday presents, anniversary gifts, printed and hung in your home, or shared online. This great and cost-effective way of capturing a precious memory can be done in just a few easy steps:

Email your inquiry to with “PORTRAIT” as the subject line. Within the inquiry, please submit a high quality photo that you would like replicated (with dimensions of at least 600 x 900 pixels).

Sil-Son Sil-Son(a)

Upon deciding to continue the process, the first half of payment is due as a deposit. This is a non-refundable deposit that protects the artist in the event that the you cancel the artwork after the artist has already begun creating the portrait. Prices begin at $100 for one subject (one baby, child, adult, pet, etc.) Each additional subject is $50.

Once the desired photo reference is sent and the deposit payment is cleared, the artist will email a rough draft of the digital portrait to you. At this time, you are allowed one round of revisions to make sure the artwork is customized to your liking. (Ex. Change the color of shirt to blue, make the eyes slightly bigger, and crop the subject to only show above the waist, etc.) Any major changes such as picking a different reference photo, adding an additional subject, or completely changing hairstyle will incur additional costs.

Kel+wife Kel+wife(a) 

When the artwork is completed, the artist will send you a watermarked copy of the final image. The balance of the payment is then due. After the final payment has cleared, you will be emailed a high quality digital portrait that can then be printed and framed, printed on canvas, or easily shared online. Get creative, that part is up to you!

[Disclaimer: Examples shown above are from actual satisfied customers.]

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