From my own designs featuring my characters and artwork from my Graphic Novels and Comics to working with other brands like; Disney, TankFarm, Faveur, and Anthem. This is a mix of designs that never made it out of the concept phase, others that went into mass production, and a few that were best-sellers that you might have even seen at Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, or Pac Sun.

7 thoughts on “Apparel

  1. classically up to date artist. willin to take it to new hieghts w/o droppin off the classical art swag. stayin on yor roots while explorin and addin the new teqniques w/o blinkin. ma kind of artist

    1. yeah they have a really great brand, and some slick gear! this is actually only a fraction of the work i’ve done with them… i’ve probably done over 50 designs for them so far.
      if you haven’t checked out their site you can view more stuff (some my designs and some other artists) at

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