The NEW Book! The Trials of Samson

COVID-19 got you down? Got a serious case of cabin-fever???

Well, you’re not alone, we’ve all been caught off-guard in this unprecedented time that we’re in. One of my companies, Eggiz┼Ź Entertainment, has really been effected by many of the closures and lockdowns. One of the areas we were most impacted was with our NEW book that we just completed; “The Trials of Samson: Bloodlines”. We were on track with our book opening, signing, and tour… but with the nation on quarantine, that didn’t seem like such a great idea any more. So we decided to make a FREE E-Book version of our newest title (and my first novel) available to you IMMEDIATELY, before the customary book release party (TBD).

Just visit our website: provide your email and it will send you the link to download your free copy instantly! I hope the book provides you with a bit of encouragement, entertainment, and levity in this unique time we are all in.

cover thumbnail2B


Cover Art Close Up

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