After waiting for my client to receive and have time to enjoy his commissioned piece, I’m FINALLY sharing my most recent CELEBRITY COMMISSION PAINTING.

As some of you may remember my “Iron Man” piece from 2017 I was commissioned to paint a NBA athlete. [ click here for more ] His name; Wesley Matthews and the theme was based on one of his nick names, Iron Man. The 5 foot tall framed on maple wood portrait became the centerpiece of his home.

-IronMan paint

Well, flash-forward one year later, and Wes wanted another piece from me… this time it was GAME OF THRONES themed!

This was project was an exciting challenge for me. Firstly, because I’ve NEVER even seen an episode of the show (more on that in the video), and secondly, the details in the setting and backdrop required some new experimental techniques that I needed to figure out.

For more on that, the strange dream that brought about the project, and why I DON’T WATCH THE GAME OF THRONES SHOW watch this video [ below ] now:


INTERESTED in having your VERY OWN 100% ONE-OF-A-KIND ORIGINAL CUSTOM PORTRAIT PAINTING of you or your family? Or even giving one as a GIFT to that special someone in your life??? (they make GREAT one-of-a-kind STATEMENT pieces for your loved one’s home)

Contact me directly (serious inquiries only).


Comments are welcome!

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