New Shirt Arrival! (BI Solo GT)

The bar has been set high for this 2016 #2 Lottery Draft Pick. But with his 7′ wing span reaching that bar should not be an issue.

After the Summer League Six series I did recently, a lot of customers were asking for a stand alone piece with just BI himself. So… here is a very special limited edition piece just for you guys!

This is my first Solo player T shirt design, as well as my first Graphic T with RedBubble. I received my order in the mail the other day, and needless to say, I am MORE than satisfied with the print work and amount of detail they were able to capture with this design. I am very happy with this shirt and I am confident that everyone out there reppin’ the Purple + Gold this momentous season will be too.

You can get yours here! As usual with my artwork; this is a SUPER limited edition piece and will only be available for a short window. So if you like the design, DON’T SLEEP on it and order yours ASAP before its gone.

This design was created because I received several requests for it. If you have a specific player or type of product that you’d like to see LET ME KNOW! And if there is enough interest you might see it here in one of the next posts and be able to purchase it for yourself!



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