NBA Finals + Draft Art

Being a life-long fan (more like an aficionado) of sports in general, but especially the NBA, doing art to celebrate my favorite teams and players always came naturally. So regardless of if it was a sketch on some wrinkled notebook paper as a snotty-nosed kid of my favorite Ram (Los Angeles at the time), or favorite member of either the “Showtime” or the “Lakeshow” eras in middle – high school, it was always a fun way to “geek out” about one of my favorite pastimes.

More recently, as my career has advanced, it became a useful skill for actual paying gigs (no more lined, 3 hole punched, notebook paper sketches for me). Even so, I still have found ways to create this type of sports art to celebrate the teams and players I have a personal connection to.

As aforementioned, I was practically born into “Showtime” and championships in LA. So, regardless of wins + loses (which I have a feeling is about to be a lot more wins very soon), the Lakers have always been “my team” and with all eyes being on the NBA Draft this week the Lakers were sitting pretty with the number 2 chip in a very top heavy draft (a two man race most would say). The nation’s top scouts and commentators were pretty split on who would go #1 and who would go #2.

So I decided to draw BOTH players (Ben Simmons + Brandon Ingram) in their potential team’s jersey’s (just in case). Here is a series of some of that art:

Also, I hooked up with Silver Screen and Roll, Conscious Basketball, as well as Run The TriangleΒ all agreed to use my art as they reported on the draft as it happened. The artwork really came down to the wire… I actually finished one of the versions of the #1 pick about 30 seconds from the moment it was announced! What came next was a flood of posting, responding, liking, sharing, tagging… you get the idea.

screen and rool

It was a great draft, and we’ll have to wait and see how both players end up playing for their prospective teams to see who got the better deal.

Oh, yeah. One more thing… As a warm up to the Draft art I did some quick sketches for the NBA draft which was a 7 game barnburner that concluded just a few days before the draft. Here are some of those images:


Who are some of your favorite players / teams??? (if you have any)

54 thoughts on “NBA Finals + Draft Art

  1. Awesome stuff man! I’m a Cavs fan through and through. I also think Lebron is the GOAT.. But that’s just me 😏

    1. Thanks man! I appreciate it!

      Yeah, I’m a fan of the sport, and sports in general!
      I like to recognize talent and great storylines, regardless of the names on the back, or team on the front…
      Though I do have a soft spot for certain teams… ;D

    1. Oh, thank you!
      Yeah, I knew those two would go #1 and #2 (but didn’t know which team), so I was literally cramming to get that artwork done to be posted RIGHT as the Draft picks were chosen.

    1. Thank you!
      I appreciate it!

      Been a fan since birth…
      Grew up in the “Showtime” era after all.

      Great years ahead with this young squad…
      Also, more art ahead, and soon!

  2. I love your sketch It looks real I wish I could do that then post maybe I should take classes for art overall I enjoyed the your blog article can’t wait to see more!

    1. The main thing with workload is setting a schedule and being consistent.
      It does get really heavy at times, but it can be slow in some seasons as well.
      There are definitely ebbs and flows.

      I just posted some new artwork last night that will only be available for a few more hours… check it out if you have a chance.


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    1. Thank you!

      Check out my new post from last night about the Super Bowl… doing something a little retro on the designs there. Hurry though, it will only be up for another few hours…

    1. Thank you!!

      Check out my new post from last night about the Super Bowl… doing something a little retro on the designs there. Hurry though, it will only be up for another few hours…

    1. Thanks RSW! I’ve been doing a lot of NBA art the passed few months and it’s been great… In lieu of the Super Bowl next week I ventured over to the NFL. Check out my latest post about that before I remove it later today.

      Thanks again!

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