Commissioned Paintings (portraits)

This project was birthed out of a desire to to partner up and do something very “outside of the box” with a ministry very near and dear to my heart, Crenshaw Christian Center. Having grown up in both the arts and the church, unfortunately these two worlds rarely crossed paths. So it was much to my surprise when I was led to pitch the idea of a portrait series (and “making of” video) of Founder Dr. Price and Pastor Price Jr. to the church. And even more to my surprise when they loved the concept and were fully on board, and wanted to debut the artwork at their up and coming 40 anniversary dinner gala!

The series really pushed my portrait aesthetic further than it had ever been pushed before, and in a far more realistic style than I was accustomed to… but I welcomed the challenge. I also loved the fact that I was doing full on paintings again and not strictly confined to a computer screen and tablet (as you’ll typically find me on most days cranking out work multi-media digital work for clients).


Finishing the paintings was only part of the challenge. I also needed to pair these art pieces with just the right matting and framing options to compliment the work. At a place called Sherman Gallery, where there was NO shortage of options to chose from. I had a great relationship with them previously, and they were a really great help throughout the process.


It was a little nerve racking leaving the two paintings that I had worked on for months with them for a few days… with the hope that they didn’t get damaged, lost, vandalized, or meet any other number of tragic conclusions… in the end they turned out great and I was excited to finally see them in their “final state”!



The 40 year anniversary banquet celebration was held at the Beverly Hilton and was a really posh affair. The “making of” video played with a motion comic I put together detailing the last 40 years of the ministry, capped off by the unveiling of the two pieces. I had two miniature prints made of each to present to the Price family to take with them, and everything seemed to be received really well. When doing commissions for clients the main concern is leaving the client completely satisfied, but the goal is to absolutely blow them away… in the end I’d say it was somewhere in the middle.

But you don’t have to take my word for it— bah dah dahn! (#readingrainbow) Check out the Making Of video and see how everything came together yourself (music by the talented Vatatheo and some colors in the motion comic by the awesome Marcus Newsom).


Comments are welcome!

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