The Ballad of Icarus (Animated Music Video)

Another really fun project that proved a labor of love was the Animated epic “The Ballad of Icarus”. From scratch, having to create the characters, environment, and world that this Icarus would live in was more than a notion… but working with the talented lyricist Jared Benjamin (who is the mind behind the entire story), his content and song writing kept inspiration flowing in until it was bubbling over!

With the amount of work needed to pull off this epic journey I collaborated with the gifted illustrator / comic book artist Marcus Newsom, who came on to help flesh-out the characters I was already designing for the animation. Together we teamed up to bring the final Animated Music Video you see below:

If you dig the Animated Video please comment / like / share to let us know what you think!

Oh, also, people liked the animation so much, that it was later turned into an actual comic!

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