Portrait Update

This past Sunday I was able to meet with two old friends.
I hadn’t seen them in about a year.
At last, made it to their final resting place…

Flash back... Sunday?
Flash back… Sunday?

These are two portraits I was commissioned to do in 2013 for the gala 40th anniversary celebration for CCC ministries in Los Angeles. The project included the two portraits of Dr. Price and Pastor Price Jr, an animated motion comic of their 40 years in ministry, and a “making of” video of the entire process. The project was an awesome blessing, and a lot of fun to work on.

For the past 12 months or so they had been on display in the personal offices on campus, but now the two paintings have found a home; on public display in the foyer of the main sanctuary, The Famous Faithdome.

A very special thanks to Stephanie Buchanan and Pastor Fred Price Jr. for making this project possible! And thanks to Jeffery Carr, Marcus Newsom, and Maxwell Conner for joining forces in an amazing collaboration! The project would not have been the same with out your talented additions.

Petra meets the paintings older than she.
Petra meets the paintings older than she.

Also, in other news, check out the Portrait Page for other samples of work including the Kobe Vs Jordan piece (since he did just pass him on the All-Time-Scoring Leaders list this week). And I still make time for custom portraits as well… just check this link for more information.

2 thoughts on “Portrait Update

    1. Thanks Justin! It’s a pretty awesome church. And I believe pastor price will be back at this year’s Alpha Omega Con. Are you coming?

      Blessings, Jerrell-

      iPhone sent


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