So, it’s been a minute since i’ve had a site of my very own up and running… and running smoothly. This site’s been a long time coming and is FINALLY here! Thanks to Kytia L’amour! If you like what you see, thank her when you get a chance! She put this all together.


take a look around even if you’re not new to my art, there is a plethora of works that i’ve never posted before, and if you ARE new to my art… well, everything is new to you!

Feel free to leave comments and feedback, as well as spread the word and  come back often to check on updates new posts. There is much more art work, events, and subjects to add! What we have up right now is just the tip of the iceberg for our re-launch. My aim is to update this site as frequently as time permits because along with this site i’m juggling the website, twitter, fanpage, etc for my graphic novel series Revelations (if you haven’t checked any of those sites give them a gander).

okay, well i hope you enjoy what you see here!

till the next update,



Vashti-80's piece in progress

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